What a fantastic day Year 1 and 2 had at the seaside! We walked along the pier, played on the beach, had our picnic lunch and went on the amazing i360 observation tower! The children (and Rocky the rhino) were well behaved, despite such an exciting day. We must say a big thank you to our parent helpers who make our trips possible.

Journey sticks

Today, the children have been walking around the local area and finding different objects (leaves, feathers etc) to stick on their journey stick. This is a mapping skill where children pick up an object to remind them of a specific place.

Hope they enjoy telling you about their stick!

The weather

We have been learning about different types of weather. At school, we have a rain gauge and a thermometer. We made windsocks to measure the wind and tested them! Try to watch a weather forecast and see if they mention the wind, the rain and the temperature.

Our special visitors


Today we had a fantastic assembly, when ‘Nite Owls’ visited our school. We learnt about the different types of owl, what they eat, where they live and why they need to turn their heads around so far! The owls fly low to the ground to search for their prey, so we loved it when they swooped over our heads! We had our photos taken too and these will be available if you would like to purchase them.

Odd and even

885fb7492a08abf798e6afda4a603d82 p6a_oval_8x5½ We have been exploring numbers and finding out if they are odd or even.
Is your door number odd or even? How do you know?
Challenge: What happens if you add two odd numbers together? What happens if you add an odd and even number together?